Spacious Interior: The Best 7-Seat SUVs for a Big Family Trip

Family in Their SUV --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

(photo by David Pavon)

The modern world car industry is able to satisfy all tastes. Depending on the needs, today you can find both a mini-car and a large spaciouscrossover or minivan. Of course, the choice of a car depends not so much on price as on the suppositious purpose of use. For example, if you decide to have a big family trip, it will be an excellent solution to hire a 7-seaterthat will easily accommodate all passengers and provide enough space for your luggage. In addition, in case you plan to drive on a country road, a 7-seat SUV will also become a perfect transport. So, do you want to know what cars meet the above-mentioned criteria and will begreat for a trip with the whole family? Then check out the following list…

Acura MDX

Externally it looks like a typical Acura. However, the interior is admirable. The 7-seater salon is finished with high-quality materials with a lot of wooden inserts, which look exquisite. The seats are sporty, comfortable, and have several preset modes. On the steering wheel, virtually all electronic control is concentrated, which creates comfort for the driver.

2017_Acura_MDX_by AG Carsfera

Acura MDX drivers receive adaptive optics based on LEDs, the key-free access and perimeter monitoring, a navigation and multimedia system, modern acoustics and 3-zone climate control. For passengers in the rear seats, an entertainment center is offered.


Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser is an angular and capacious 5-meter SUV, equipped with a salon for 7 passengers. This car has already become a kind of symbol of wealth and prestige in society.

The interior of Toyota Land Cruiser can hardly be called exquisite – everything is done in the spirit of long-standing traditions. Dark plastic torpedo, successfully combined with light finishing materials, and yet there is an intuitive instrument panel. The center console is habitually curved in its lower part, and the top is framed by oblong blow-out deflectors, where a large display is located.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2013 Exterior

Toyota Land Cruiser has very comfortable seats, both front and rear ones. This is combined with excellent visibility, luxurious wooden trim, a wide armrest and well-thoughtful ergonomics.


Mercedes GL

This German SUV always caused a storm of positive emotions and was the most productive in its class. If you need a quality 7-seat car, give preference to Mercedes GL and you will be fully satisfied!

2016 Mercedes-Benz GL Class Specs

(photo by faza_elh)

This SUV will offer you such features as an all-wheel drive, amazing technical characteristics of the model, luxurious interior trim, as well as comfort for each passenger.This car is one of the leaders in this class. It has gone a long way of development and today has an incredible appearance, excellent technical equipment, which provides a true pleasure of driving.


Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Although this car is just a crossover, but due to its spacious interior, it can be called a ‘big family car’. Hyundai Grand Santa Fe includes a maximum of conveniences and opportunities. Multifunctional steering wheel allows you to control all the electronics of the car at a distance of the palm. The driver’s seat is comfortable and has many modes. Climate control and a multimedia system are on top. Embedded technologies fully justify the premium class.

Grand Santa Fe image 8 - غراند سانتافي صورة 8

The car offers a huge interior space and a full 7-seat passenger compartment. The rearseat row is represented by full-fledged solutions for any passenger, and not only children can comfortably sit there. There’s enough space for two adults.


Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva has gained popularity with its reliability and functionality. The additional row of seats is a great advantage, as it will be comfortable enough not only for children but also for 2 adults.


Chevrolet Captiva 2011

Salon is decorated in subdued colors, which doesn’t interfere with sufficient functionality. A standard set of options in the basic configuration is enough for big family trips: multimedia, climate control, navigation, adjustable positions of the driver’s seat and the steering wheel make your journey really easy. Among safety options, the front and side airbags should be noted.Also, the car is suitable for off-road trips, as a permanent all-wheel drive is available there.


Kia Mohave

Kia Mohave

(photo by Kia Motors Worldwide)

Kia Mohave is included into the ranks of large family SUVs. Everything is done solidly, powerfully and with appropriate quality. The forms of the interior are somewhat angular, and the location of the instrumental panel and air deflectors is quite optimal. The car features comfortable seats, a large display on the center console, and high-quality finishing plastic – all this confirms the high level of Kia Mohave. Seats of the second row are very spacious, which cannot be said about the third one. However, it’s perfect for children.


Audi Q7

The car, which belongs to the elite crossovers, has a pneumatic suspension and a full drive. The third row of seats is installed on the Audi Q7 as an additional option. Manufacturers warn that these seats are designed primarily for people of low stature or children.

2017 Audi Q8 Release Date

(photo by Richa Frederic)

The interior impresses with its wealth. Audi Q7 is a premium class car, in which ergonomics, electronics, quality of materials, panels, and system management meets the highest requirements.The positive aspects of the car are related to the German quality and the highest comfort of the crossover.